Girls, Women, Mamas…. We All Just Want to Have Fun!

Thanks to an ever popular song and awesome 80s movie, we all know Girls Just Want to Have Fun!! And so do women and mamas in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on! Life can be serious and stressful, so we all need an outlet. For some of us, it just happens to be “retail therapy.” To be honest, I even felt guilty typing that….because most things we purchase during “retail therapy” are definitely more wants than needs. So, in light of keeping this post fun and breezy, let’s justify our shopping (as we girls always do;) )

Maybe it’s been a long week or just a tough day. Maybe we just want to browse online shops for something mindless to do. We know it will lift our spirits (if only very briefly) to purchase that leopard print pair of shoes or new shade of lip oil (What is lip oil? I don’t know but it’s on it’s way to me right now)! And I’m excited about it!!!! Do I need it? Technically, no. But… will make me feel pretty when I’m emptying the dishwasher for the third time today. It will make me feel polished and brighten my attitude while I tend to my crazy, active, beautiful family! So, is it a need? Is it just a want? It’s really a fine line 😉

That being said, I have purchased my fair share of things I thought I just had to have (I’m thankful my husband puts up with my “quirks” 😉 ) I really enjoy reading blogs/ articles that give tips and suggestions when it comes to clothing, makeup, etc. I’ve also become a consultant many times in the past to sell certain products. What I’ve finally realized is that I do not like to sell…I just love to tell others about products that I’ve enjoyed and that have worked for me 🙂 So, since I’ve been there, bought that, I thought I’d give some suggestions of my own! We all have our own likes and dislikes, so no worries if mine clash with yours 🙂 Just thought I would give some ideas if you’re wanting to try something new or send a gift to someone special.

Hair~ Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care infused with Eucalyptus (Sounds sexy, right?) I have dealt with dry scalp my entire life and have literally tried most every remedy. Stylists have told me that Head and Shoulders can actually be more drying. Well, the only relief I’ve ever found is the Classic Head and Shoulders (and now they have one infused with Eucalyptus! It’s super cooling and feels like a calming spa experience!!) In regards to treating my hair, I’ve been loving Giovanni hair products (Vitacost or Amazon). The Pineapple Ginger Anti Frizz serum works and smells amazing (I use it before hair drying and after to tame frizz). When it comes to tools, I have had the best luck with the Conair Infiniti Pro Double Ceramic curling irons in Rose Gold. I have the smaller and larger barrel, and the flat iron. I’ve had a few stylist friends tell me they couldn’t believe how well they curl! So if you want quality, but want to pay less, check them out at Target or Amazon!

Skincare~ If anything, I truly believe men and women need to at least Cleanse and Moisturize! I love many of the Lemongrass Spa skincare products. I purchase mine through This is a consultant based company that specializes in All Natural products. The LG products I sincerely recommend are: Vitamin C serum (firms and hydrates). Microdermabrasion Creme (use once or twice a week…smoothes skin instantly and helps diminsh fine lines). I like the Coconut Rehab Creme or Overnight Ultra Lift Creme for moisturizer. The organic anti aging oil serum is wonderful! Very hydrating and makes your skin glow. The new Probiotic Eye gel really seems to work by cooling and firming. Other good options are the Burts Bees line for cleanser, Tree of Life Vitamin C serum (Amazon), and the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream from 100PercentPure. Remember to always check ingredients as we can still be allergic to certain natural products.

Makeup~ IT Cosmetics CC + Illumination (Sephora or Amazon). The best coverage I’ve used so far! It covers so well and gives my skin such a nice glow! It also has built in SPF! I’ve gotten many compliments on it, so it can be confidence building 😉 One of my favorite highlighter/ bronzers is Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Face Powder (Target or Wal-Mart). My go to mascara is Lemongrass Spa Black Organic Mascara. E.L.F. Cosmetics also makes a nice lengthening mascara for very low cost. I use E.L.F. Cosmetics Instant lift brow pencil and it’s only $2.00 (Target). When it comes to an every occasion shadow, my pick is Revlon ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow in Caramel. Pretty, shimmery, and stays on! And my choice of non-sticky lasting Lip gloss…Lemongrass Spa glosses and NYX Buttergloss ( and Amazon).

Nails~ Color Street nail strips! I’ve been using them a couple years now (I puchase through I absolutely love the simplicity of these. Real nail polish, no dry time!!! Even looks great on shorter nails. If you are starting out, I recommend the glitters as they are more forgiving 😉 They tend to stay on through many, many hand washings! Another great polish, in my opinin, is Zoya polish (Amazon). It is free from harmful chemicals and comes in a variety of colors. My fave is Tinsley (a rose gold that I’ve received fantastic feedback on). Get your Pretty On!

Clothing/ Shoes~ Nike Flex Experience 8! Thanks to my little sis, I finally have a tennis shoe I feel cute in! I have more of a wide foot, so it’s hard to find shoes that look good and feel comfortable. I feel great working out in these! The only no show socks that don’t slip on me are the Womens Under Armour Ultra Low socks! We all have seen the cute canvas slip on shoes women are wearing! I have several pairs of the Jellypop Dallas Womens slip ons (Amazon). They are so cute and comfortable (even on wider feet). One of my favorite shopping/ browsing sites is and they usually have several canvas styles available, too!

Accessories~My current favorite accessory are these beautiful bangles! They are gorgeous, great quality, and affordable. Visit her page and comment on a picture if you’d like to order. She even has bangles for Little Queens…if your little one likes Pandas or pretty things, check them out!

Last of all, if you just want to brighten someone else’s day during this challenging time, check out these sites! For about $10.00 you can send someone fun mail for any ocassion! I just sent one through to let my friend know I was thinking about her 🙂 You can choose or create your own little box. It includes a gift note and treat or treats of your choice. is another gift box site. You can also go to to send someone an inspiring wrist band! Just a few ways to send a smile!

This post was meant to be just a fun, mindless read! There are so many important things going on in our world….I’m hoping this post just lightens your mood! Keep your head up and shop responsibly 😉


~Spread Kindness, Always Kindness

-I do not receive anything for posting these links….I just like to share!


Brandy and her husband have four amazing kids that she has been blessed to stay home with. They have just moved back to the midwest after living a few years on the East Coast. She wanted this blog to be a creative outlet; one that hopefully a few people can relate to and find inspiration through. She wishes only to let others know that even though life gets crazy messy, we are all in this together! Please feel free to leave positive comments (If you don't like what you read, she gets that, but would appreciate you keeping it to yourself ;) Thanks so much!

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