Love Yourself Better

Hello beautiful people!  Every year I tell myself I’m going to work on Me…I’m going to eat better, get fit, drink more water, and stop worrying so much.  Then the next day rolls around and I’m like, “Meh, it’s really tough trying to work on me when I have kids and a house to take care of.”  So, like many of us, I put it off longer and longer.

Like many moms, I’ve fallen on frumpy times here and there. Frump-a-licious is what I like to call it 🙂 I’ve gone through phases where I wear clothes that are too big or ill fitting because I don’t want them to cling to all the wrong places. I’ve had months when I’ve only taken the time to actually “do” my hair a couple times. There are times when the only food I eat during the day is what is left over on my kids’ plates or what I can eat while driving (an apple). None of these things make me feel good about my well being.

Some may feel differently, but this is what I believe. We need love, prayer, daily exercise, nutritious food, positive self talk, and plenty of water. I’ve known this for years but I still tend to leave out exercise and eating right. I have tried numerous fitness programs over the years, purchased expensive treadmills and strength equipment, and made promises to myself. The problem is, not only have I never been athletic, but my lack of drive and ambition when it comes to working out is embarrassing (lol).

That being said, I am absolutely tired of being tired and having no energy……so I’ve decided this is my year (but for real this time ;)) It is a new year…same me…but I’m going to love her better than ever!! Recently my husband and I decided it was time our health became more of a priority so we’ve made time for each of us to work out. I finally found a work out program that I love to do. I came across it a few months ago and so very thankful that I did. It is Jessica Smith walking workouts at You can purchase her DVDs, go to her website, or search her on YouTube. Her workouts range from 10 to 60 minutes……choose from High Intensity Interval (my favorite), speed walking, Latin Spice, kickboxing, etc. I like to go to YouTube and choose a different video every time. I feel so great after every workout…Jessica Smith is very laid back and keeps you moving. She includes so many movements I’ve never done (they are fairly simple but really work)! I’ve noticed a difference in my mood and muscle tone in just one month. I wanted to share this because it’s taken me years to find a workout regimen I wanted to stick with. I truly look forward to this every day and I know it’s something I’m doing to better myself (I guess it’s about time and it feels amazing)!

There are wonderful products and programs available to help us on our health journey. However, I have finally realized my husband has been right all along 😉 We already have everything we need to be a better version of ourselves. We know what foods are good for our body 🙂 We need very little equipment to work our bodies (just water bottles, bands, or light weights). We need to continually encourage each other to be the best we can be! So, while our world is in quarantine, I encourage you to do something for yourself that makes you feel good. Do a fun workout, call or face time with family, start a great book or podcast, drink a glass of wine on your patio, count your blessings, and love with all you’ve got!

~Spread Kindness, always Kindness!


Brandy and her husband have four amazing kids that she has been blessed to stay home with. They have just moved back to the midwest after living a few years on the East Coast. She wanted this blog to be a creative outlet; one that hopefully a few people can relate to and find inspiration through. She wishes only to let others know that even though life gets crazy messy, we are all in this together! Please feel free to leave positive comments (If you don't like what you read, she gets that, but would appreciate you keeping it to yourself ;) Thanks so much!

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