Building Community Wherever Life Takes You

Hello, beautiful people! Today I wanted to talk about making the most out of life, even if you’re not where you imagined you’d be 🙂 As I mentioned in my first blog post, we moved our family of six to Eastern North Carolina a couple years ago. My husband knew his boss and a few co-workers….the kids and I didn’t know a single soul! That can be a terrifying feeling for some, but I focused my efforts on making sure my kids were adjusting well.

We have moved to other towns before, but never 1,200 miles from the rest of our loved ones 😉 Friends have said ” I just don’t know how you do it…how does a mom go about meeting new friends in bran new place?” Well, thankfully, we were blessed with wonderful, caring neighbors! That can make a world of difference. Just a couple of days after we first moved in, our neighbor and her son came and introduced themselves to us. She was so easy to talk to and her son was our son’s age! They’d be going to the same school. I was exhausted from a 22 hour road trip (with way too many stops), I looked like a complete mess, and all of us were a wee bit short with each other. All it took was my sweet neighbor (and now good friend) taking the time to make us feel welcome. I immediately felt at ease (we were going to do just fine 🙂 ).

Then it was time to put some effort in! As nice as it would be, good people don’t always just show up at our door. After a few months I knew I needed to get me some mama friends. As a stay home mom I’m not around anybody else, besides kids, on a daily basis. So I started small. We happen to be very close to my favorite Starbucks in town (through no fault of my own 😉 ) So, twice a week (maybe three times?) I would treat my toddlers to their beloved cake pops while I enjoyed a deliciously smooth Grande Vanilla Flat White 🙂 Some days I would splurge and get a Venti with an extra shot of Espresso! I would enjoy small talk with the baristas and then drive around getting to know our new town. Now that I knew several of the baristas by name (let’s face it, we’re basically besties 🙂 ), I felt like I finally had some adults I could interact with on a regular basis.

It was also important to me that I find moms to have playdates with. I realize it may be difficult for introverted personalities to meet new people. I am not an introvert, but I tend to be very anxious. That being said, putting myself out there is not an easy thing to do. I knew that if I was going to develop a sense of community, I was going to need to feel uncomfortable. I had become part of our local Moms Group on Facebook, which has been so amazingly helpful! There was another mom in the group that seemed to have the same values and personality as me….I decided to message her and we went on several playdates with our littles. I wouldn’t have met such a great mom friend if I hadn’t reached out.

I met another friend at our pediatrician’s office. Our daughters hit it off and we got along great. At the last minute I awkwardly decided to give her my number in case she ever wanted to have a playdate. I’m so glad I did!! I was also blessed to have crossed paths with a mom at my son’s hip hop class. Other women are just as unsure as you are, so say hello first 🙂 It’s amazing how our children can bring us together!

I had a friend that invited me to her church several times, but I kept putting it off. I knew I wanted our family to be a part of a church here, but was overwhelmed by how many there were to choose from. Transitioning from what was, to what is, can be an emotional roller coaster. After a while I decided going to church could only help. We were immediately welcomed into her church family. We met great families, listened to the inspirational words, and watched our little ones dance to worship music like nobody was watching 🙂 It was absolutely a breath of fresh air! It may take visiting several churches, but I believe there is one out there that is just right for you~

Leaving our family and friends was hard, so I was nervous to develop meaningful friendships in our new town. We just never know what the future holds and I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving more loved ones. Thankfully, my husband is always quick to lift my spirits and help me see things more clearly when I’m in an emotional state. He reminded me that everywhere we had lived, we had met wonderful people (many that we have stayed in touch with). If circumstances hadn’t brought us to those new places, we would have never met those special people. We took a huge leap of faith moving to the East Coast, and I will be forever grateful for it. In just a short couple of years we have met so many amazing and unique people with so many different backgrounds. I have met some of the sweetest, most inspiring women here in NC. I would have never found them if we hadn’t stepped out on faith.

It’s like the old saying, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” Like many of you, I’ve lost people, I’ve moved away from people or they’ve moved away from me. Friendships have fizzled out and some have lasted most of my life. I’m so grateful for the people who have been put into my life. That’s what we are here for, right? We are here to help people and love them with all we’ve got, while we still have them. None of us knows what the future holds or how long our relationships will be. But, if you have truly good people in your life, enjoy the friendship and build on it as long as you have the chance to. I believe there is a profound reason we meet the people that we do 🙂

So……say hello to the kind mama waiting for her child to get done with class, tell the mom working at the coffee shop how much you like her hair, visit a new church, join a moms group, give a sympathetic smile to the mom who has three crying children at the grocery store, and spend time getting to know your neighbors. If you don’t, you may be missing out on some of the best friends you’ll ever know!

I hope this post finds you all healthy and well! Prayers that our world will be whole again and full of kindness real soon!

Spread kindness, only kindness~

Girls, Women, Mamas…. We All Just Want to Have Fun!

Thanks to an ever popular song and awesome 80s movie, we all know Girls Just Want to Have Fun!! And so do women and mamas in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on! Life can be serious and stressful, so we all need an outlet. For some of us, it just happens to be “retail therapy.” To be honest, I even felt guilty typing that….because most things we purchase during “retail therapy” are definitely more wants than needs. So, in light of keeping this post fun and breezy, let’s justify our shopping (as we girls always do;) )

Maybe it’s been a long week or just a tough day. Maybe we just want to browse online shops for something mindless to do. We know it will lift our spirits (if only very briefly) to purchase that leopard print pair of shoes or new shade of lip oil (What is lip oil? I don’t know but it’s on it’s way to me right now)! And I’m excited about it!!!! Do I need it? Technically, no. But… will make me feel pretty when I’m emptying the dishwasher for the third time today. It will make me feel polished and brighten my attitude while I tend to my crazy, active, beautiful family! So, is it a need? Is it just a want? It’s really a fine line 😉

That being said, I have purchased my fair share of things I thought I just had to have (I’m thankful my husband puts up with my “quirks” 😉 ) I really enjoy reading blogs/ articles that give tips and suggestions when it comes to clothing, makeup, etc. I’ve also become a consultant many times in the past to sell certain products. What I’ve finally realized is that I do not like to sell…I just love to tell others about products that I’ve enjoyed and that have worked for me 🙂 So, since I’ve been there, bought that, I thought I’d give some suggestions of my own! We all have our own likes and dislikes, so no worries if mine clash with yours 🙂 Just thought I would give some ideas if you’re wanting to try something new or send a gift to someone special.

Hair~ Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care infused with Eucalyptus (Sounds sexy, right?) I have dealt with dry scalp my entire life and have literally tried most every remedy. Stylists have told me that Head and Shoulders can actually be more drying. Well, the only relief I’ve ever found is the Classic Head and Shoulders (and now they have one infused with Eucalyptus! It’s super cooling and feels like a calming spa experience!!) In regards to treating my hair, I’ve been loving Giovanni hair products (Vitacost or Amazon). The Pineapple Ginger Anti Frizz serum works and smells amazing (I use it before hair drying and after to tame frizz). When it comes to tools, I have had the best luck with the Conair Infiniti Pro Double Ceramic curling irons in Rose Gold. I have the smaller and larger barrel, and the flat iron. I’ve had a few stylist friends tell me they couldn’t believe how well they curl! So if you want quality, but want to pay less, check them out at Target or Amazon!

Skincare~ If anything, I truly believe men and women need to at least Cleanse and Moisturize! I love many of the Lemongrass Spa skincare products. I purchase mine through This is a consultant based company that specializes in All Natural products. The LG products I sincerely recommend are: Vitamin C serum (firms and hydrates). Microdermabrasion Creme (use once or twice a week…smoothes skin instantly and helps diminsh fine lines). I like the Coconut Rehab Creme or Overnight Ultra Lift Creme for moisturizer. The organic anti aging oil serum is wonderful! Very hydrating and makes your skin glow. The new Probiotic Eye gel really seems to work by cooling and firming. Other good options are the Burts Bees line for cleanser, Tree of Life Vitamin C serum (Amazon), and the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream from 100PercentPure. Remember to always check ingredients as we can still be allergic to certain natural products.

Makeup~ IT Cosmetics CC + Illumination (Sephora or Amazon). The best coverage I’ve used so far! It covers so well and gives my skin such a nice glow! It also has built in SPF! I’ve gotten many compliments on it, so it can be confidence building 😉 One of my favorite highlighter/ bronzers is Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Face Powder (Target or Wal-Mart). My go to mascara is Lemongrass Spa Black Organic Mascara. E.L.F. Cosmetics also makes a nice lengthening mascara for very low cost. I use E.L.F. Cosmetics Instant lift brow pencil and it’s only $2.00 (Target). When it comes to an every occasion shadow, my pick is Revlon ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow in Caramel. Pretty, shimmery, and stays on! And my choice of non-sticky lasting Lip gloss…Lemongrass Spa glosses and NYX Buttergloss ( and Amazon).

Nails~ Color Street nail strips! I’ve been using them a couple years now (I puchase through I absolutely love the simplicity of these. Real nail polish, no dry time!!! Even looks great on shorter nails. If you are starting out, I recommend the glitters as they are more forgiving 😉 They tend to stay on through many, many hand washings! Another great polish, in my opinin, is Zoya polish (Amazon). It is free from harmful chemicals and comes in a variety of colors. My fave is Tinsley (a rose gold that I’ve received fantastic feedback on). Get your Pretty On!

Clothing/ Shoes~ Nike Flex Experience 8! Thanks to my little sis, I finally have a tennis shoe I feel cute in! I have more of a wide foot, so it’s hard to find shoes that look good and feel comfortable. I feel great working out in these! The only no show socks that don’t slip on me are the Womens Under Armour Ultra Low socks! We all have seen the cute canvas slip on shoes women are wearing! I have several pairs of the Jellypop Dallas Womens slip ons (Amazon). They are so cute and comfortable (even on wider feet). One of my favorite shopping/ browsing sites is and they usually have several canvas styles available, too!

Accessories~My current favorite accessory are these beautiful bangles! They are gorgeous, great quality, and affordable. Visit her page and comment on a picture if you’d like to order. She even has bangles for Little Queens…if your little one likes Pandas or pretty things, check them out!

Last of all, if you just want to brighten someone else’s day during this challenging time, check out these sites! For about $10.00 you can send someone fun mail for any ocassion! I just sent one through to let my friend know I was thinking about her 🙂 You can choose or create your own little box. It includes a gift note and treat or treats of your choice. is another gift box site. You can also go to to send someone an inspiring wrist band! Just a few ways to send a smile!

This post was meant to be just a fun, mindless read! There are so many important things going on in our world….I’m hoping this post just lightens your mood! Keep your head up and shop responsibly 😉


~Spread Kindness, Always Kindness

-I do not receive anything for posting these links….I just like to share!

Coffee, Hustle, Wine, Repeat

Coffee, hustle, wine repeat….one of my favorite shirts says this, and isn’t it the truth?! We all get through our days in our own way. Moms, Dads, and caregivers all have a big job to do. But lets face it, mamas are exhausted. Our job is 24 hours, 7 days a week. No scheduled breaks, no actual “vacation” days. We are working, and on call, every moment of every day. We are tired and blessed beyond words 😉

When I was younger I never would have thought a cup of coffee would mean so much to me. Oh, how I love my coffee (sigh). Some moms are killin’ it with eating right, gym time, homeschool, and schedules. I’m over here like “Coffee ’til Wine Time Y’all”. That’s right….I’m that mom. Moms need little things to look forward to throughout the day. That’s really how we do it.

Some of us go to work all day and then come home to our family, dishes that still need to be done, supper to be made, and soccer games to go to. Then there’s those of us who’s job is to stay home with our children. We listen to toddlers laugh and we listen to them cry. We have no privacy while going to the bathroom or doing anything for that matter. We care for little beings all day long and into the night. Currently, many of us are tackling working from home while trying to homeschool and be a daycare provider. We all need little things to look forward to throughout the day. It’s absolutely necessary!

I look forward to coffee in the morning (and as an afternoon pick me up 😉 ). I love the smell of it, love that first sip, second sip, love it all! I truly enjoy holding a warm, frothy mug of coffee. I put the perfect amount of creamer in it and just enjoy the “Cozy”. Yes, I talk about it as if it’s one of my most treasured belongings. That’s because it is…..simple bliss in this crazy world. When you are a true lover of lattes, the sign for a coffee house will genuinely excite you. You have coffee decor all over your home (signs that say “But first, Coffee”). Your best girlfriends give you fancy organic coffees, Starbucks gift cards, and adorable mugs that say “Good morning, Beautiful”, for your birthday. Because they know you and they are women, too. They love their coffee just as much as you 🙂

Now, our wonderful men play many roles and many of them are quite stressful, too. I for one, am so very thankful for my husband and all he does for our family. He’s also so good to me and knows when I need a little “me time”. I pray that every single one of you has someone who shows you how important you are to them! That being said, I am talking about the women right now. I’m sure most of you can agree that being a mom is one of the most magical, worthwhile, and rewarding experiences we can have. We don’t all have the opportunity to become a mom….those of us who do, are wonderfully blessed. I’ve realized over the years that it is okay to know that I am blessed but feel absolutely crazy and exhausted at the same time.

Every family has their dynamic. Ours happens to be two school age kids going through puberty and adolescence, along with two toddlers who are being potty trained and love to test their limits. This makes for an interesting day, every day. My day consists of hugging my husband before he goes to work, after he’s just told our little ones to be good for Mommy. After Daddy walks out the door, our 2 year old decides it’s time to open the freezer door to find treats while our 4 year old begs to go play outside. He plays a “fun” little game where he continues to ask and ask and ask until we actually go outside. So after making sure my older boys catch their rides to school (and sign their papers they were supposed to give me the night before), I begin my day with my toddlers. This consists of story time, dance parties, outdoor play, lots of snacks, face time with friends, and the two of them arguing and having to make up. By the end of the day I have created with play dough, made sandcastles in the sandbox, continuously cleaned up messes, and held conversations with toddlers and no adults. Then at the supper (dinner) table I end up saying things I never imagined I would say. “We do not stand on our chairs while we are eating”, “No more talk of butts and farts at the table”, “I hope you do not eat that way when you go over to a friends house”, and “Yes, it is normal to grow hair there”.

By the end of the night, I look forward to sitting down and relaxing with a glass of wine. I never really appreciated a good glass of wine until I hit my thirties. People joke all the time about how much women love their wine, and why do we? Because all day we spend our time playing various different roles, and by evening we just want to feel like us. We love that we are wives and mamas, that we are the ones who encourage and protect. We thank God every day for our husbands and children. But at the end of the night we want to be even more than a wife and a mother. We want to feel sexy and beautiful, we want to wear clothes that don’t have chalky handprints or spaghetti sauce on them. We want to have great conversation with our handsome husband or best girlfriend.

So grab that glass of wine and celebrate a crazy, successful day. Sit in front of the fire or watch your favorite show with your husband. Enjoy it while you read or soak in a bath. Face time with your best friend (you can still enjoy a glass of wine together while social distancing 🙂 ). Simple pleasures are necessary in this busy, blessed life of ours. Coffee and wine may not be your thing….maybe it’s tea or a cold beer. Maybe it’s just going for a walk or practicing yoga. Find little things to look forward to every day, you deserve it more than you think!

~Spread kindness, only Kindness~

Our World Will Rise Up

I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous or worried about the state of our current situation. I’m pretty sure most of us are. Now, if you are someone who is uncomfortable talking about God, you may not choose to read this post…but I hope that you do 😉

My ten year old looked a little sad the other day, so I asked him what was wrong. He said “Well, Mom I know we are okay but I’m kind of scared of this Coronavirus.” I said “You know buddy, I’m a little scared, too. I believe most people are right now. But that’s why we talk about it. Whenever you’re worried Dad and I will talk you through it. Our country and this world has overcome so much. We can overcome this, too. That’s why we tell you to thank God every morning for your life and for this day. You pray that he will help our world and watch over all who are fighting this virus.” I know I didn’t have a perfect response for him, but was relieved that he felt better after we spoke.

People do tend to come together in the midst of tragedy and chaos, as we have all witnessed before. This virus has turned our world upside down and we are seeing people rise up and accept their current “normal”. People are finding ways to show love and support through social distancing. Of course we would much rather be seeing and hugging our loved ones, but we need to adapt for the time being.

I do truly believe everything happens for a reason (even though it’s extremely difficult to understand at times). Our world has had problems for some time now…crime, bullying, racism, and hate to name just a few. Many families are too busy with activities or work to spend any quality time with their children, spouse, or family. I honestly believe this could be God’s way of telling humanity that changes need to be made. We need to remember our priorities, what is most important. Those of us who are blessed to be able to stay at home during this, have the opportunity to grow our relationships with our immediate loved ones. This is the time to make those changes, hug our children more, listen more. You can make time to call (not text) your elderly neighbor, aunts, uncles, and friends. Watch that family movie or play that favorite board game you haven’t gotten out in over a year. Be outside together, laugh together, and pray together.

My hope for everyone is that they are able to find some comfort in some way. I’m very much a believer that God is in control. He loves us and wants us to live life to the fullest. That does give me comfort. If that isn’t how you feel, then find someone or something that brings you comfort. Maybe it’s a video chat with your parent, sister, or best friend. Maybe it’s watching your favorite Comedy or Hallmark movie that always makes you feel good 🙂 Maybe it’s writing letters to those you miss, having a glass of wine in front of the fire, or just hugging your husband!

If you are someone who is finding it hard to see the good that is still in this world, then BE THE GOOD! I pray that God gives strength to those who work in healthcare and are terrified of bringing sickness home to their own family. I pray that He watches over all students and teachers who are trying to embrace this new way of learning. I pray that He grants wisdom to all who still want to venture out when it’s unnecessary. I pray that He helps families bond and strengthen relationships. I pray that He heals those who are infected with this virus and that the spread of it subsides. I pray that He comforts those who are alone at this time and those who just feel scared.

I do believe our world will rise up and we will all get through this. I don’t know about you, but certain songs just make me feel lifted and inspired. I shared two of my favorites below. I hope they bring you comfort!

Hugs from me to you~

Always spread kindness, always kindness~

Let a Book Inspire You

So, I sit here at the end of the day with my laptop and a glass of wine. I listen to a crackling fireplace, my babies are tucked in and dreaming sweet dreams. My older boys are enjoying an indoor campout with a movie and popcorn, while my husband finally gets to sit and relax after working all day. I feel so very blessed to be with my family…..all of us, home together. My heart hurts for those who work in healthcare, who drive truck, work in grocery stores, and continue to work because it’s their duty. I feel for those who are scared of possibly bringing sickness home to their own family. Our whole world is going through this mess together…..but, we shall get through it just as we always do! We are AMAZING like that 😉

I find myself feeling a bit helpless. Like many of us, I want to do more to help. I’m not exactly sure how to do that yet, so for now I will show kindness, pray for our world, and try to inspire in some way or another.

Whenever I’ve needed inspiration or uplifting, books have never seemed to disappoint. People and books are what influence me the most in life. I have been moved by so many books, so decided I’d like to share my list of Good Reads 🙂 I realize we all have different taste in topics, but hopefully some of you will find one you enjoy! Personally, the only way I can really enjoy a good book is in a quiet space with a good cup of coffee. So, kick back and see if any interest you.

For those of you who want to feel hopeful that there is always goodness in life (and don’t mind welling up a bit), I recommend The Choice by Og Mandino and the Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall. I’ve read both several times…they are extremely heartfelt and inspiring. For those of you who want to read about romance, I recommend Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (one of the first romance books I ever read) or any book by Nora Roberts 🙂 Two of my favorites are the Chesapeake Bay Saga and the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. These are great “take me to another place” reads. If you love stories of summer beaches, I recommend the four Barefoot Bay novels by Roxanne St. Claire and Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer. If you find yourself missing or grieving loved ones, I found comfort in Max Lucado’s Beyond Heaven’s Door and Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven. If you are looking for something to improve your outlook on life, I suggest reading Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now or Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly (even though the author is Catholic, any believer of any religion could benefit). Last of all, If you just want to simplify your life, I suggest reading A Simplified Life by Emily Ley. It is an easy read with beautiful pictures. It’s about decluttering your life for the better! It’s a rather perfect read when you are spending more time at home 😉

We are always telling our children there is nothing better for the imagination than reading. We sometimes forget that we need that, too. That being said, I hope you decide to let a book inspire you. Make sure you do it right….quiet place, cozy blanket, warm cup of coffee or tea, and a crackling fireplace (real or find one on YouTube 🙂 During this crazy time, let it take you away~

~Spread Kindness, always Kindness.

Love Yourself Better

Hello beautiful people!  Every year I tell myself I’m going to work on Me…I’m going to eat better, get fit, drink more water, and stop worrying so much.  Then the next day rolls around and I’m like, “Meh, it’s really tough trying to work on me when I have kids and a house to take care of.”  So, like many of us, I put it off longer and longer.

Like many moms, I’ve fallen on frumpy times here and there. Frump-a-licious is what I like to call it 🙂 I’ve gone through phases where I wear clothes that are too big or ill fitting because I don’t want them to cling to all the wrong places. I’ve had months when I’ve only taken the time to actually “do” my hair a couple times. There are times when the only food I eat during the day is what is left over on my kids’ plates or what I can eat while driving (an apple). None of these things make me feel good about my well being.

Some may feel differently, but this is what I believe. We need love, prayer, daily exercise, nutritious food, positive self talk, and plenty of water. I’ve known this for years but I still tend to leave out exercise and eating right. I have tried numerous fitness programs over the years, purchased expensive treadmills and strength equipment, and made promises to myself. The problem is, not only have I never been athletic, but my lack of drive and ambition when it comes to working out is embarrassing (lol).

That being said, I am absolutely tired of being tired and having no energy……so I’ve decided this is my year (but for real this time ;)) It is a new year…same me…but I’m going to love her better than ever!! Recently my husband and I decided it was time our health became more of a priority so we’ve made time for each of us to work out. I finally found a work out program that I love to do. I came across it a few months ago and so very thankful that I did. It is Jessica Smith walking workouts at You can purchase her DVDs, go to her website, or search her on YouTube. Her workouts range from 10 to 60 minutes……choose from High Intensity Interval (my favorite), speed walking, Latin Spice, kickboxing, etc. I like to go to YouTube and choose a different video every time. I feel so great after every workout…Jessica Smith is very laid back and keeps you moving. She includes so many movements I’ve never done (they are fairly simple but really work)! I’ve noticed a difference in my mood and muscle tone in just one month. I wanted to share this because it’s taken me years to find a workout regimen I wanted to stick with. I truly look forward to this every day and I know it’s something I’m doing to better myself (I guess it’s about time and it feels amazing)!

There are wonderful products and programs available to help us on our health journey. However, I have finally realized my husband has been right all along 😉 We already have everything we need to be a better version of ourselves. We know what foods are good for our body 🙂 We need very little equipment to work our bodies (just water bottles, bands, or light weights). We need to continually encourage each other to be the best we can be! So, while our world is in quarantine, I encourage you to do something for yourself that makes you feel good. Do a fun workout, call or face time with family, start a great book or podcast, drink a glass of wine on your patio, count your blessings, and love with all you’ve got!

~Spread Kindness, always Kindness!

Moving Our Family Cross Country

I hope this post finds you all healthy and well! It is my 39th birthday today and I find myself feeling thankful that God has given me another day and another year to celebrate. I’ve also been thinking about how many changes have taken place in the last couple of years.

Two years ago my husband was given the opportunity to transfer to another state, to stay within his company. After many long conversations (some involved me crying) we decided it was in our best interest to make the move. The hardest part for me was having to tell our two oldest boys that we were uprooting them from all they’d known…that their school, friends, and family were going to be 1,200 miles away. My husband needed to start work immediately, so we took 2 days, looked at 9 homes, and put in our offer. Our boys still had 6 weeks left of their school year and we didn’t want them to miss it. So my husband worked in NC and flew home on the weekends to try and make it to their soccer games. Meanwhile, I was having to get the kids ready to leave a couple times a day, so the realtor could show our home. We lived there seven years, and I watched my husband make so many changes to make it ours. The treehouse he built with our boys, the flowers he planted me for Mother’s Day, the painted mural on our youngest son’s wall, the tree in the back yard where he carved our initials. We loved our neighbors, friends, and community. Deep down I knew we made the right decision, but it wasn’t any easier to know strangers were walking through our home in hopes of buying it.

Those six weeks before moving were quite an emotional roller coaster. I was taking care of our four kiddos while my husband worked all week in NC. I was leaving the house for showings and answering the pleading question, “Mom, do we really have to move?” It all happened so fast. There were friends/family who didn’t understand why we made the decision we did. There were so many tears…knowing we caused them was tough to take. It was emotionally confusing, but I knew our family would get through it (just as we always did).

Two years later, I still sometimes question whether or not we made the right decision. Truth is I miss knowing our family is near by, I miss playdates with long time friends, and seeing my kids bond with their grandparents. It can feel confusing at times. But, I love that we are showing our kids that it is ok to step outside your comfort zone…in fact, it can be quite rewarding. We’ve shown them, that with effort, you can keep old friends and still make new friends wherever life takes you. It took everyone a while for our new reality to sink in, but thankfully our family has been incredibly supportive. My husband always tells our kids “Make someone smile and affect people in a positive way.” We’re doing our best to accomplish that!

I tend to worry way too much about the what ifs and what the future holds. Our world’s current situation (with the Coronavirus Pandemic) has made me realize that the what ifs aren’t important, it’s what is happening right now that’s important. I know that I am blessed to have a home, enough food and toilet paper, and the ability to do what’s best to keep my family safe and healthy.

I hope at least one of you can relate to this. If you have moved or are getting ready to…just know the transition will have ups and downs, but if you remain a strong family unit, you will most definitely get through it together! Life is about taking chances, bettering yourself, and loving with all you’ve got!

~Remember to always spread Kindness, only Kindness!